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No wuckers mate;

Sarcs - "[it] is today 376 days since the miniscule first implemented the Forsyth review & 145 days since the report was handed down."
Perhaps, like Baldric he has a 'cunning plan'. After all, the wages roll in, the super piles up, the tea is warm, chocolate biscuits free, the office is air-conditioned and the seat very comfy. He can wait, till anger turns to frustration, frustration to despair and the industry disunites, to become isolated, easy pickings for the hyena packs, roaming the dark places.

No, there's no rush, it'll soon be Christmas (which comes late in the Canadian Autumn) which take us into January (month of the dead), followed by the traditional land of the long weekend lazy weeks. By Easter it will all be just as close to reality as the Easter bunny and Santa Claus.

Never mind, the water remains, for the time being, potable. What a great, lucky country we are fortunate to live in; if you don't want to do anything, that is. What a holiday destination.....
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