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Bare knuckles it is then..

Sunny – IF we were to start calling a spade a shovel, there are two decades where one consistent element has held the reigns of aviation; only one, when looked at chronologically, the repercussions of that influence have resulted in stories like the one today published by Sandilands on – Plane Talking. Nearly all of today's expense, risk and problems which face industry can be defined in one word – Airports– and the 'development' of...

The manipulations required to make a secondary 'airport' into an attractive business proposition can all be sheeted home to one, or perhaps two of the Murky Machiavellian clan. Buy the paddock, clean out the riff-raff, bring in the land fill; and, off you go.

I'm no lawyer; but I can research, read and join the dots as well as most; a resignation is required, it's not that of Truss, but of those who hold his hand. Perhaps, the Xenophon MoP, combined with the Heffernan/ Sterle MoP, will shed some much needed light into a very murky pit of cynical embuggerance.

Someone is holding up the reform of CASA demanded by industry; a call for the Mrdak resignation will go some way towards deflecting the international criticism mounting against Australia; with the huge potential for MH 370 to rebound and further taint an already blemished international reputation.

Over to you Tony...

Tick tock (get in first, to beat the international journalists who are slightly ahead of the game at the moment and getting closer by the minute – remember Pel-Air; and that Sir, was but a warm up bout)....

Start - HERE : Insider bulletin today urges Malaysia’s most uncritical supporter, PM Tony Abbott, to call for, or read, the latest intelligence he can summons on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Toot toot.

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