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I do hope that today's crossing of the Rubicon by Senator J. Lambie will upset the zeitgeist sufficiently to again pour some daylight upon the sorry bureaucrats who infect both the ATSB and CAsA. Please, viewers, if you have any avenues open to Senator X's office, make clear that quid pro quo for Lambie's protection* should include her being open to being schooled on the various and many foul failings of the current perch-sitters.

*odd, init, that an independent will, as a practical matter, need both a mentor and a protector? Realpolitik in action, comrades.**

** was there ever a more hopeful, yet ultimately jaded, cynical or banal word? Still, I couldn't resist as a nod to the recently late G.W.

P.S. Don't put too much hope into Confirmed Sceptic's post on Plane Talking: he tells me that his FAA/TC/TSBC confidants are a level or two below the Mandarin level, and as such are widely informed yet happily have cover, given what may come next.
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