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The "beyond" program is a function of the MOU.

The murky Macavellian decreed that acronyms should be aligned as much as possible across all departments.

Apparently because he is the shadow manager (SM) of what these organizations do and given bureaucrats pathological obsession with having acronyms (POWHA) for everything, it saves him considerable time referring to the glossary all the time to find out what they mean.

For example, the actual employees are, as they say in the service, "Smoke generators" (SG's).

The upper management are " Smart mirror deflectors" SMD's.

The ATSB has their "Beyond all sensible reason" or BASR Model.

CAsA has their "Beyond all sensible regulation" or BASR Model.

Haven't been able to find out if there has been any alignment in the pink Bats department (PBD), or the building the education revolution (BTERD), or the flog off general aviation airports (FOGAAD) departments, but rumor on the street is the SG's have been very busy generating a lot of smoke.
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