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International AAI obfuscation & the Pinocchio theory.

Steady on Thorny you will have the 'thought police' knocking on your door if your not careful... Get on the same page here man! The Mandarins & Muppets are on the next chapter titled - 'Beyond all Sensible Reason' (BASR) - not the 'Reason Model' chapter...

Talking of Mandarins, Muppets with a dose of international diplomatic obfuscation it would seem the Dutch have also drifted to the dark side in taking the Mickey Bliss out of ICAO Annex 13&19...: Dutch government refuses to reveal ‘secret deal’ into MH17 crash probe

This tweeper asks a pertinent question
Could anyone call #MH17 investigation independent, if it runs by NATO and denies Malaysia, the owner of the plane, participation??
Moving on and back to the BASR Beaker, I noted that the MSM (SMH) have put out a vomitus piece on our infamous muppet Beaker... (Warning: BYO Bucket definitely required ): The world's biggest mystery is in Martin Dolan's sights

Not going to give this puerile piece any more coverage than it deserves but I will quote the relevant bit (in between dry heaving) in regards to the PelAir 'Duck Up':
He also oversaw the investigation into the ditching of a Pel-Air ambulance plane off Norfolk Island in 2009. Amazingly, all six people on board survived the crash.

A senate committee slammed the bureau's handling of the inquiry, criticising its report for focusing on the pilot's actions and lacking analysis or details of factors that assist the wider industry.

Dolan says the government accepted the bureau's advice that no safety purpose would be served by reopening the investigation as was urged by the committee.

At the bureau's request, he adds, Canadian transport safety regulators are currently conducting a peer-review of the the body's policies and how they were implemented in several investigations, including Pel-Air.

"We learnt that there are different views of our work and how we do it and that aviation safety is an area where people have different views and they don't always agree with you," Dolan says.
I would be extremely interested in how much Murky Machiavellian & Co paid for this obvious attempt to humanise such a severely discredited muppet (i.e. the Pinocchio fix)...

Oh well back to trolling...
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