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Be an interesting question for the good senators at estimates Kharon.

How many of the two hundred years of experience Beaker made redundant were bean counters, how many were coal face workers?

Bet I know the answer.

Same same CAsA's employment program.

We get an increase in fuel excise, allegedly because CAsA is desperate for additional ninety coal face staff. What do we get?

Ninety bloody managers.

What did they need the additional staff for anyway? Pilot numbers are in decline, hours flown are in decline, and I would hazard a guess the real number of aircraft is in decline.

I would hazard that the extra staff were required to interpret and explain what their incompetent lawyers have put in the alleged reformed regulations.

Hells bells the Kiwi's can enunciate a complete rule set for flight standards in 80 odd pages, the yanks the same.

Is the CAsA legal fraternity so incompetent, so inept, that they require over 1500 pages and even then nobody seems to understand them, with so many inconsistencies the High Court would probably have to sit continuously for ten years to decide what the hell they mean.

If Part 61 is as it is, looming down the track is Part 135.

Be afraid, be very afraid, I've read the draft.

Mr Minicule if your awake, very sorry you've got the shits, but it appears the industry has as well, but I don't think its the same bug.

You could save everyone a lot of money by simply banning all forms of aviation in Australia except high capacity RPT and the RAAF, its going to happen anyway under the CAsA regime, just later rather than sooner.

Come to think of it why include RPT, the RAAF could undertake that as well, think of the promo's

"Come fly with the Skygods!! they'll get you there"

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