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Of Crocs, snakes, sharks and spiders.

Sarcs - #2456 "Rumour has it that the FAA definitely have a strong desire to conduct a follow up audit of Australia but are simply under resourced (i.e. cash strapped) to do so. However could that situation drastically change if ICAO were given further evidence of the State aviation safety authorities taking the Mickey bliss to their obligations as a signatory to ICAO."
I wonder; "what if" the 'passengers' on the Pel Air ditched West-wind had been American. What response we would have got from the FAA then – or, had they been 'European'. One of the neatly covered over (not known, or just ignored) big ticket items is the treatment of the 'victims' after the event. I wonder, if the aftermath were widely known would other ICAO NAA or the media just sit back then. Oh boy.. Imagine if the USA version of 'Sixty minutes' got onto a little tale like this one if US citizens were involved –

Now I am not 100% certain of all the facts or the legal swings and roundabouts; but since the incident, I hear the female patient has, out of sheer frustration been forced to seek psychiatric assistance, not just because of the incident, but because of the strain and stress of trying to gain some meaningful 'assistance'; rumour has it the house has been sold to pay legal fees and the marriage on rocky ground. The lady's passenger husband is having all manner of problems, the travelling doctor is having all manner of problems. As for Karen the flight nurse and Dominic, the pilot, the happy world they used to live in has been destroyed, shattered, for ever. This directly attributable to the aftermath of the duck up and subsequent attempted cover up, by people still gainfully employed within the Australian aviation safety system. Go-figure..

The post event damage bill has been massive – in human terms. Now we get folk from all corners of the world visiting, they get sick and their insurance would provide for a 'medi-vac', where required. This then becomes an international issue where the same post event 'treatment' will be afforded to any, who use an Australian 'patient transfer' aircraft involved, in the event of an accident. Translated – it means if you travel on an 'Airwork' category flight, read the policy fine print. The one certainty is that it's not written to assist you, should you have the temerity to survive, that is..

I doubt it would kick off WW III, but foreign NAA do have a responsibility to 'protect' their nationals. To allow their nationals to continue travelling under a flawed, manipulated aviation safety legislative system, where the probability of a pre-determined outcome and cover up, which affects the insurance payout are likely, places that NAA in a 'queer' position; particularly so if they are aware that probability exists.

As we have now seen publicly demonstrated, this manipulation has had a direct impact on the ability of those involved to claim compensation under this highly compromised system. If the 'aviation system' was set to rights, the need for expensive, post accident litigation would be removed.

Perhaps, if the FAA are short a few bucks, Obama could donate his green fees to the cause and send the very best team the FAA can put together for a short visit to the great empty land – Down-under. In the national interest; maybe they can visit our Barrier reef and take some happy snaps and 'selfies' back home, when they go...

Visitors are said to be worried about our crocodiles, sharks, snakes and spiders out in the wilds. Rightfully so, but the most dangerous of those species reside in air conditioned comfort, in an office building, or swimming pool, very near you.

"Change for a nine dollar note, certainly Sir; now, would you like that in three's ?".

Toot toot..

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