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thorn bird
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Ah Kharon,

there are many Dubious characters strutting their stuff on the CAsA stage.

Some are called blowflies, they blow in, spread their corrupt opinions about, then blow out, generally to prime industry jobs, obtained largely because they can save their employers considerable sums of $$$ by using their influence to grease the wheels.

Takes one operator 18 months and $100K to get a new type on their AOC, another 8 weeks and a few grand, and surprise, surprise, their new chief pilot is???.

One of the people who perverted the course of justice to stitch up John Quadrio, suddenly turns up in a highly prized GA job.

Love to know who's signature appears on that companies approval's.

We are, as an industry, unfortunately, a bunch of hookers. We are quite prepared to prostitute our integrity, morals and soul in a desperate attempt to get across the line.

It could be said, but maybe I'm a tad harsh?... Yeah okay, when desperate people are teetering on the brink, they will clutch at any straw, but please people, bending over and taking it where the sun don't shine achieves nothing and just encourages these corrupt ass.oles.

The Industry must circle the wagons, slap down the egotists amongst us and confront, not CAsA, but their political masters, and say enough is enough.

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