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Corruption – Aye, but be it Biblical or Legal?

Sunny " [the] only logical conclusion is that CASA is corrupt and rotten to the core."
IF it were a 'honest' system of baksheesh, I could live with that. Slip a quick 'gift' to the system and you are in and out of the office in about the same amount time it takes the ATM to dispense the funds – fixed price, no hassles and everyone knows how the game is played. But it's not 'that' type of corruption, is it? It's a meaner, harder system where no one knows the rules – not properly at least – favours and cooperation rule, closely supported by a bizarre cronyism (for wont of better).

Sarcs 'Closing the loop' posts prove (IMO) the ego fed 'attitude' at the top. Take any one of the multitude of 'recommendations' as an example. If you were in charge of an outfit like CASA and one of those landed on your desk – you would have at least three honest options; respond in a positive – proactive manner; even if you intended to reject the notion. (i) Explain why the thing was to be rejected and what equivalent measures you had in place: (ii) Adopt the thing, explain that it was a fine idea, but beyond your budgetary means and ask for 'more', throwing the ball back to the keeper; or, (iii) have a deep and meaningful and sort it out over a cuppa. What you would not do is to ignore it – or wriggle around it – or simply promise a result then renege. And that is only looking at the 'top tier'.

Down the ladder, among the snakes, there is an entirely different culture, which takes it's lead from the layer above – the signers of documents; blokes like Hood. When one of the third tier are 'on a mission' they bring the 'paperwork' to a Hooded look-alike, for processing and 'the signature'; the juice if you like to effect what they propose. What they are seeking to do may reflect the wishes of various parties, depending on the mood. McComic and his cats paws used this system to catastrophic effect against those 'in the gun' and to the great benefit of those who were in vogue. Thus divide and control, ensures the silence of those granted privilege, ensuring 'industry support' and the isolation of those who were to be used an examples of a big R regulator, honestly toiling for safety's sake. Thus, the term without fear or favour, becomes perverted, corrupted to a juxtaposition where fear and favour rule the weak and destroy the strong.

But the really despicable creature lives in the grass roots, there we find the antithesis of fair, honourable dealing. You don't need to search very far or cast your net wide to find an example of how the creatures at the bottom of the swamp operate. Ever watch a hyena pack go work – same -same. There is one extraordinary tale, told at BRB which was only ever exposed because the antagonist was of such an inherently 'dubious' character, that his masters were forced to abandon both him and his corrupt evidence; when even those that ordered the fix dare not, not even in the AAT support it, and that, boys and girls, says a lot. The masters were quite prepared to 'go with it', they could stomach it alright; but the risk of taking that one step too far and being exposed for what they were, by a wily barrister, was the only thing troubled their minds. They happily turned on one of their own and then had the neck to claim the moral high ground; so much honour amongst thieves.

Reading through the Sarcs offering, you can see where the skeleton is riddled with a cancer and why the flesh is rotten. Corruption, yes, but of the conscience and spirit. Most certainly not the honest, cheerful, wealth sharing kind a little baksheesh brings.


Ay, marry, is’t.
But to my mind, though I am native here
And to the manner born, it is a custom
More honoured in the breach than the observance.
This heavy-headed revel east and west
Makes us traduced and taxed of other nations.

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