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The recruitment process looks very fair.

It is only stage 2 that appears more like a fate issue (You are not competing with other KA candidates. The stage assesses your character, your ability to learn and how productive you can be under pressure. If your results fall among the top 30% of the guys who've done the test worldwide, you go in. A re-sit will only yield different results, if your previous results were borderline and subsequent sittings by other candidates, the world over, has pushed you within the 30%. Problem here is that KA delivers results as either pass or fail. If you fail, you might re-sit until "Kingdom come", not knowing you are in the lower 40% bracket.) The good news is that one can circumvent stage 1 and 2 with 2500hrs or thereabout.
Stage 4 is a day off, unless you are harboring medical issues you do not want them to discover.
Stage 6 is tricky because, in Kenya, just your accent or looks can cost you a job opportunity. This is the only place, people's hands can be held . Fortunately, its the last stage and you can't get there, if you are not properly qualified.
The rest is preparation.
As my Indian brothers say "Don't take tension !"
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