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Memory lane it's quite a journey.

While we all languish in an information vacuum, trapped in the tension of glutinous silence emanating from those who will not, or dare not speak; we are akin to those trapped in a time warp by the cold, uncaring space time continuum. Doomed to endlessly watch the same events, time after time – bit like MKR, same old shit, different day. Like this little episode, eloquently and succinctly 'nutshelled' by Creampuff.

[The] report of the $20 million Commission of Inquiry into the Relations between the Civil Aviation Authority and Seaview Air followed 2 years and later. The Minister for Transport at the time the report was handed down noted in Parliament:

[That] recommendation was made eighteen years ago. Today, all of the problems identified by the Commissioner in Regulation 206 remain. The definition of the operation specifically mentioned at recommendation five - regular public transport - is in exactly the same terms.
You'll notice Lockhart River had a brief return to the front page, that event had similar treatment, to Seaview: and Pel Air; well, it's only a pup, just five years old, but with all the attendant required trimmings for it to fall into the chasm of 'legend' and enter the great void. Maybe in ten years, it too will be dragged out, dusted off and discussed on PPRuNe; only to be shut down again for lack of intelligent discussion.

One of the truly amazing things to emerge from research is how other countries in the aviation 'first world' and even some of the emerging nations have dealt with 'their' Seaview, Lockhart and Norfolk versions of fatal accidents, how 'their' political masters have responded and how the associated government agencies have acted in response to Coronial and Parliamentary inquiry and recommendations. It may have escaped your notice, but other counties do have accidents, people get killed and injured; aircraft get burnt, broken and drowned. The glaring difference in response, even from those countries without Australia's resources and talent pool is they actually get off their collective rumps and do something when the 'grown ups' demand changes which affect the safety of the travelling public.

What a sad, sorry, expensive testament to Australian government has been the response to fatal air accidents – the same path taken so often – with same result; every single time. It's not my say so, the facts are there all neatly documented, from the wailing and rending of flesh, to the steely eyed determination to 'fix it', the same money spent, the same time wasted: the same result, every heartbreaking time.

Wasted lives, futures, careers, all sacrifices on the altar dedicated to perpetuating the myth of 'Safety'. Oh, it's 'safe' enough if you are a politician or 'servant of the people' that is, but for the rest of you, those without a cushion, it's the devil take the hindmost and book early to cross the Styx.

Perhaps we could just openly dismiss the recent Senate committee report and Forsyth review; that would at least be honest. The ship of state has set course, once again the destination is known and we will at least avoid the huge impost of the pointless, empty 'inquiry' pantomime. Just bury the dead, scrape the airframe remains off the runway and get back to being the proud, aviation superstar we claim to be; strutting our proud heritage on the world stage. Bugger the incredible number of ignored recommendations, edicts, policies and bollocks uttered by neutered politicians, coroners and independent report writers. "Sleepy Hollow rules: OK, you got it. Good, now STFU, give us your money and do as you're told"..(instant compliance).. "There now, there's a good little industry".

Outstanding – GOLD!, gold for Australia.

Words and music.

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