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Cool Three Men. Three Minds.


Yourself, son and son-in-law.

Re-direct your energy, which is strong, and join a force that will create change for the Australian Aviation Industry.

You and I and every one pushing for a fair change have rights.

We are citizens of this country and ultimately the people that are clowning around with serious issues, work for us.
Their income is from us.

We deserve the truth and justice and for the bollocks to cease and serious, rigorous work to commence in many areas.

I have only observed the past five years regarding the underground flight path of political aviation. Laws. Insurance. Report (lack of). Justice (lack of). Yet the force of belief in change has erupted to a level I understand is pinnacle.

It would be unsafe and unethical to let this opportunity to pass by.

I hope three men can see through the anger and steer their knowledge towards advocating the desperate change needed.

Great change will only arrive through passion, dedication.

Indeed we travel...
Through the Never.
(Top Shelf Metallica Movie)

Be cool.
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