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Devil Because we can't see the woods for the trees

Experience is not about how many hours you attended classes or how long you spent on the john.

Time is just a marker - as in a musical composition. Without time there is no history or future.

Leaving the Military trainees (who actually have more like 300 to 400 hours flight time over a couple of years before they reach the front line but can cope solo in close formation, I/F, deal with realistic simulated emergencies in real aeroplanes, in real time (no pausing SIMs), in less flying hours than the MPL), Lufthansa and maybe pre 2012 BA cadets out of this, the current civilian low hours to RHS of a jet Airliner route is not the answer to the huge drop (according to both Boeing and Airbus) in piloting skills and the corresponding rise over the past 14 years in LOCI events.

First off the biggest issue with civilian training is the student is the paying customer and is milked for as much $$$ as the FTO can justifiably extract. As such, less than ideal candidates will pass to minimum EASA standards under idealised conditions. Put more emphasis on SIM time and less real flying makes this even more controllable. Insisting on SOPs alone does not build airmanship or resilience to unusual/ real flying events.

The students comment " but it doesn't fly like the simulator!"

GA and the Airlines and indeed the Military could do more to learn from each other instead of working in isolation.

GA could do with more pilot mentoring and take what is good from Airline SOPs and Military emergency handling techniques to improve flight safety. It would then be a more consistent breeding ground for new aviators and provide opportunities for apprenticeship like schemes such as gliding, instructing, Biz Av etc....

Sadly some Airlines in the EU have slashed their in house training depts, sub-let their staff training to 3rd party FTOs and their hiring to non aviation minded HR companies. Now "self employed"/3rd party Flexi / temporary contract labour is more commonplace.

Such 6 monthly placements are no place for continuity of learning. Replacing staff frequently reduces worker commitment and quality.

Training alone is not going to fix this problem. Practice still makes perfect whether an ice skater or pianist. But where are the opportunities for practice? Even if not self funded, where did Bonin get his high altitude handling skills? 10,000h on automation in an A320/330?

How many of Captain Lee Kang Guk's 9,793 hours of flying experience were actively engaged in directing and understanding the flight path and energy state of a B777? Especially when the average flight time would have been around 5 hours per sortie?

Compare that to an Alaskan Q400 or Susi Air pilot who is working their way up a very long 1500h ladder.

Pyramid schemes fail for a reason and it's the inversion of the Egyptian builders structure to put more on top of less. The traditionally built Pyramids (deeper and broader foundations) tend to last a fair bit lot longer!
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