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Herr Hitler is waaaay, waaaay too not Libertarian for me. I'm more of a small government, live and let live, don't tread on me kinda of guy.

My modest proposal was that if idiots with guns must be regulated in your mind; why not regulating idiots in other personal behavior areas. If you think government can prevent people from committing acts hazardous to society, absent any proof of actually doing so, then regulating speech, having children, bills of attainder, or just about anything can be outlawed.

Regulating guns as you would have it is basically saying, "Citizen, we think you are not to be trusted, you are committing a crime or endangering the public and even in the absence of proof, probable cause or a hint of law breaking, we're going to consider you a criminal". I'd like just a smidgen of probable cause that my guns, or my kitchen utensils, or my car are being used, or are threatening to be used, criminally BEFORE the state comes to me with their gun in hand. Preventive law went out of fashion with Kings making the rules.

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