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Dushan - no. I specifically said there was no such correlation within the US, and linked to a source which showed that if you exclude the US then the correlation does not hold, making the US an outlier for a bunch of other reasons.
May not be you personally, but "you lot"
Perhaps you should stop trying to pigeonhole people? There are multiple threads of argument here being taken up by different people: there is no "you lot".

brickhistory - nah, one would be enough. I've fired more than enough weapons of various sorts in my military career to be able to confidently say that I would rather have one which I was very good at using than a bunch I dabbled with. It's also less risk to only have one to look after.

galaxy flyer - I agree. Owning a gun clearly isn't a means of defence, so if you have a gun you ought to be adept at using it, which I would endeavour to be if I did have one. That's just one reason I think compulsory training is a good idea.
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