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We prefer individuals to decide for themselves if they want to give, not be forced to via government taxes.
You're missing the point entirely: the claim was that the US gives more per capita where it demonstrably does not.
But, as long as you are on this, I wonder if the U.S.' percentage increases considering the perpetual subsidy given by hosting the UN headquarters?

More than a few pennies involved there, every year not just for an annual survey.

I'd be happy to really show the U.S.' cheapness and have that ultimate charity move elsewhere.
You mean that "charity" which is actually giving you money?
A New York City Bar Association committee has encouraged the city to take greater advantage of the UN's powerful presence.

"The United Nations and the diplomatic community play an important role in the life, economy and image of New York City, even though by definition they do not take part in the local political discourse nor do they represent a voting bloc," the committee said in a study published this year.
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