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VERY, VERY Hard....

"How hard can it be" quoth Frank.

EXTREMELY HARD, IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE because of the long entrenched "Iron Ring" and the bureaucratic way.
Bureaurats know every slip sliding sllthery way to divert, subvert and pervert the process of any changes THEY dont want.

eg Classification of Operations Policy adopted by the Minister and the Board April 1997. What happened to all that ???
Viewed, chewed and spat out after a few years like it had never ever existed.

The good Mr Skidmore, if he is really serious about cleaning the place up should get behind a call for a ROYAL COMMISSION.
With a clean slate, he could then restart the process of regaining the trust of the industry.

If he enters the fray alone and thinks he can do it all himself, then I am afraid that the only sign of him ever being there will be a faint skid mark on the floor.
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