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Reading the Director leaves AVMED and don't slam the door behind you thread, I came upon a post by Pinky the pilot which led me to an epiphany regarding our new DAS, Mark (skates) Skidmore. Post partly quoted below;

QUOTE Note to CASA. Given the level of dissatisfaction and really outright hostility expressed in some of the posts here; Has it finally sunk in that you are held in deep suspicion, contempt and viewed as being an 'enemy' to pilots in general, and if indeed it has finally sunk in, just what do you intend to do to restore the faith and good will that 'once upon a time*' did exist!

*Yes, it did, years ago I believe QUOTE.

Having the benefit of being active in aviation during the DCA days circa 1965, I remember the whole show being run by RAAF types ex WW2.

This lot were prone to the usual military foibles inherited by being part of an organization of saluting paranoiacs and obsessive compulsives, but in the main were decent chaps and would rather educate than regulate. They didn't have performance bonuses and were paid a fair wage doing what they loved doing. (flying). Blokes like Russ Evans, Bob Jervis, Bill Lord would go out of their way to help if you asked them but would stomp on you from a great height if you took the piss. They were role models to a larger degree and completely opposite to what we have today.

Pinky the pilot got it right, there was faith and goodwill once upon a time. And it need restoring. It needs restoring now, not in twelve months time, (there will be no GA then).

I've decided to give Skates a go to see if he can start on this task as I believe the whole mess can't be addressed until trust is restored. Action, not words from spin doctors, (who should be sacked immediately), will start this process. Maybe start by redressing some obvious wrongs, admitting some liability, kicking a few backsides, reopening some old wounds to fix what should have been fixed instead of fcuked, bring up some old wrecks from the ocean just to placate the plebiscite and look a bit deeper into politico-beureaucrat-corporate goings on.

I have also been pondering the possibility that he and Fawcett may be the team to keep Mrdak and Co in their place. I haven't figured where Truss fits in except perhaps Barnaby may take a shot at his job with some noisy encouragement.

Anyway, he owns a Globe Swift so can't be all bad. Has one simple job.. regain trust. How hard can it be? He has my confidence for the time being.

I hope he doesn't disappoint.

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