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and what has been the cost for the aviation industry?
I posted in another section and will update later today the information that has been recently published.

That there has been a loss of the PMO is good, as the negative effect can actually be seen here. I have been raising the same issue for the past three years.

Further pineapples may be required for issuance to the other staff who have been the PMO's network.

After reading the article posted by "up in the air" I would think that the number of fails in class 2 is artificially low. There have been many, many class 2 medical holder who have received a letter from av med setting out long lists of medical requirement regarding specialists, basically setting a level which is unaffordable and unattainable. The holders of the medical just do not bother applying for a renewal but give aviation away. If these numbers were added to the fails I think the number could be as many as ten times higher.
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