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To be honest, I'm sure that noise output is that much of a stealth issue, although I take your point. It's been a long time since the Royal Observer Corps listened for aircraft.

Acoustic Radar.

The issue here is how much the MoD will have to pay for sound-proofing houses around its F-35 base(s) because of its noise footprint. That is why interested parties have been known to down-play certain noise footprints. Sadly, the report you may have seen does not fully address the criteria that inquiries setting "compensation boundaries" will wish to consider.

The F-4 was a noisy beast, but the F-3 in combat power was far more intrusive. Not immesdiately obvious from dBA graphs because of the way they are measured. In that case is was the higher frequencies in the noise from the F-3 that caused SOME of the problem.

It's not a simple issue. As ever.
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