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Boxes to tick, treats to enjoy

Lots of boxes for the new DAS to tick in his first week;

a) HR induction - Paperwork to fill in, make phone call and ask for QF Chairmans Lounge privileges, provide bank account details, superannuation transfer papers to be completed plus a run down on annual leave days and sick days and doctors certificates required for two consecutive days off. Finally sign that he understands CASA's discrimination and bullying policy!

b) Staff meet and greet - A sojourn to the Witchdoctors office and a bit of cheery intellectual banter, followed by a quick stop at Terry's desk (not til after 1100 am as he grabs a morning kip). Then a trip to Brisbane and a tour of the basement worm farm and the bicycle rack. (Mark, beware, the Snake Warning signs are now out on the lawns )

c) Medical - Coloured eye vision test followed by the 'cough and squeeze' test and finally a rectum examination just incase he tries to smuggle the Skull back into the building!

d) Finally - commence A380 endorsement, thoroughly examine all upcoming trough options, review the CASA IOS and MAM blacklist.

So UITA, you are a bit harsh mate, give him time.......
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