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....Just come over from this AM's debate on the BA Balpa Forum by any chance?

In a behind closed doors deal which we were informed of lastnight, BALPA and BA have torn up Bidline for Shorthaul.

You will be working to EASA limits from Jan 1st.
For completeness this what the BALPA newsletter I got actually said on that subject:

Shorthaul FDP tables are to be replaced with the FDP limits from EASA FTLs (EASA FTLs will not be introduced by BA until 1st March 2016 and until then, the current Scheme limits will continue to apply).
FWIW yes, I feel the deal is pants, most especially given the lack of movement in efficiencies from other areas of the workforce....and yes, I know "we" (as in Long Haul) "will be next".

As an aside beyond the heated rhetoric I really feel the BACC has a serious communications problem......personalities and their position in the scheme of things on the line is definitely getting in the way of any chance of a reasoned debate.
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