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You've quoted the number 5 which might not be entirely correct. However I guess that narrows it down a bit. Instead of being obstructionist why not share your experience with all so that someone might learn from it and just perhaps prevent an accident happening as a result. Judging from posts you've made in some other areas regarding your history if you'd signed it out it was probably operating in the charter category however signing out an aircraft in itself does not lend to an accident taking place, there are always alot of other factors like weather etc.

I guess you gave evidence but you obviously weren't in any trouble and given your vast legal experience and expertise that you've told us about you would be aware what you can and can't say.

That being said, as you well know and were probably brought up with, there's nothing quite as valuable as being able to learn from the experience, good or bad, of another.

Just a pity you don't care to share yours that obviously relates to something that happened a long time ago but is still clearly relevant from an engineers perspective.

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