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There are some people out there operating within the upper echelons of pilot recruitment departments that believe pilots who trained according to their own (modular) system and were not pre-selected, are totally unemployable regardless of their abilities (some of these people frequent these forums). With such attitudes we are never going to get anywhere.
I recently attended a presentation of one of these "stars".
An excellent speaker although somewhat along the lines of the shopping channel until he presented a slide which,IIRC, pictured a hippy, a young man in a 1950s midshipman's uniform and a bloke with his hands in his pockets - a self improver....the rhetorical question was "who would you chose to employ".
That is when he lost me.....where he was wrong and based his prejudices upon his own training...which started with an odd ball degree which had nothing to do with aviation and probably at a sponsored commercial course followed by a loco training department or two.
Having been one of these Midshipman stars...flown with those who were recruited after obtaining a degree and thought a career in aviation was better than working....and instructed many who just wanted to fly - he is 100% wrong ...those who haven't had a silver spoon, in one form or other, and have struggled to fly generally put the extra effort in throughout their career.
One only has to look at 447...and the professionals couldn't even be bother to rest before the flight let alone take the trouble to understand the aircraft systems.
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