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OK team enough of the negativity and the whining.Every industry finds its regulator a hinderance.

The banks hate ASIC. The miners hate the enviro departments. Transport companies hate the RTA.

Let's for a moment assume XXXXXXXX - sorry - Skates could achieve meaningful change, given the appropriate vehicle.

Nobody would argue that these industries should be given unlimited freedom and most people, those able to think rationally, would agree that aviation is the same.

The problem is that massive financial and administrative burdens (eg: requirements for multiple non-billable administrative personnel) are imposed on small businesses not to achieve *actual* safety improvements, but to achieve safety improvements that are incremental, perceived, or merely theoretical.

We cannot assume that we are the only industry burdened thus.

What would the Australian economy look like without the equivalent brown-tape that must be imposed on every industry?

Bill Clinton introduced a bill to congress with the overt objective of freeing the GA manufacturing sector from the crushing weight of public liability cases. Imagine if we could get the Economic Revitalisation (General Aviation) Act 2016 up.

What would you want to see in that legislation?

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