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Old Fella:

Maybe there is someone among those ready to put down Mr Skidmore who would feel able and qualified to apply for the position to which Mr Skidmore has been appointed. Surely we would all benefit from the vast experience that those so critical of Mr Skidmore's appointment could bring to the position.
I am sure AVM. Skidmore is a great bloke, however that is not the issue. The issue is whether he has the skills and experience to drive a massive change program through an organisation loaded with reactionaries in senior management ranks. I've driven some "little" change stuff and even that was hard.

I would be pleasantly surprised if the good AVM has such skills but I think not. The term "military reformer" is an oxymoron. The AVM also would need the absolute cast iron support of the Minister, the Department head and the Board to drive a change program and I don't think that is coming either as evidenced by the time we have been waiting for the Governments response to the review recommendations.

To put that another way, driving a change program at CASA would involve rivers of (figurative) blood, frequent horrendous leaks to the media about safety issues, court cases and serious bastardry with much screaming and yelling as attempts are made to send senior managers packing. It is difficult and professionally dangerous work which often results in the reformer leaving the job early. I don't believe anyone in Government has the stomach for that.

This is not a job for a white knight, it is a job for a smiler with a great big knife behind his back- ergo, nothing is going to change. There will be reorganisation, new names perhaps but nothing substantial.
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