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The corporations had totally different agendas with cadets in the 70s.
BEA put them straight into the RHS with a mentality that we were system operators...the accident rate was appalling and there was a recommendation in the Lane report (Papa India) re the advisability of putting a 225 hour cadet into a modern jet airliner.
BOAC required the Hamsters to take a Nav ticket...they were then qualified as a third pilot with "restrictions". Eventually (3-4 years?) they became P2 with the aircraft in part 1.
The part 1 requirement was made in the 60s after BOAC realized that accidents could have been prevented if the first officers had been "more forceful" and by having a mini command course this would help change the mentality - which it did.
The accident rates speaks for the success or otherwise of the different approaches although there were several other factors; as always one has to look at the management and the atmosphere created by them.
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