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The biggest threats we have are the public who never ask why flying is so cheap and the regulators who never ask about an airline's Ts & Cs. But to be reasonable, why should the greedy half witted civil servants in EarseA who know nothing about aviation give a damn? As long as they get their pensions then all is well.

The travelling public have blind faith. They've been told for years that flying is the safest method of transport. They've been told for years that the various XAA's have only their interest & safety at heart. They have been seduced by all that. Now it is even cheaper than ever; the price of oil is % times more expensive than not so long ago; the landing fees & en-route charges are higher; inflation has been in effect for years and yet ticket prices are lower. Clothes are cheaper because they are made in China; food is cheaper. Flying is cheaper, but its costs are at EU prices. How is that possible? They never ask but climb on board with blind faith. It's time they asked the question.
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