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What exactly is the value of 1,500 hours? It is only a number. The 1,500 hour limitation applied in the US was a token and totally pointless gesture dreamt up by a muppet in the FAA following the Colgan crash. It was not balls on the part of ALPA. And the accident itself had absolutely nothing to do with a lack of experience. Training was one of the factors but the mostly likely reason was tiredness directly resulting from the dreadful rest conditions this crew was forced to endure because their pay was so dreadful.

To improve safety, you have to have properly trained and motivated crews with appropriate experience who are carefully selected and then properly paid. And experience is not a number. And what I mean by this is that an MPL student might have have a better experience level at 250 hours than someone who has spent 1,500 hours beating a path around a circuit in a Cessna 150. Speaking for myself, I'm perfectly happy flying with an F/O fresh out of flying school. They fly well, are technically good and even when things go badly, they come up to the mark.

The biggest threats we have are the 'dreamers' who will fly for nothing, the public who never ask why flying is so cheap and the regulators who never ask about an airline's Ts & Cs. But to be reasonable, why should the greedy half witted civil servants in EarseA who know nothing about aviation give a damn? As long as they get their pensions then all is well.
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