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Care to explain, Clinton, how this.....

At one point Mr Clinton McKenzie, CASA’s (then) General Manager of General Aviation Operations published and circulated a mini-thesis in the form of a policy document which introduced the concept of an “interposed third party.” The policy put forward was that if an entity that was “unrelated” to the operator chartered the entire aircraft and then sold seats to separate travellers or groups, this would in some unexplained way be legal (safe), provided there were no personal or corporate connections between the carrier and the chartering entity. This has been described as an “arms length” relationship; however the expression is not defined anywhere in the Act or regulations, and has given rise to considerable dispute because to this day it is still being randomly and inconsistently applied, apparently at the whim of individual officials. The CDPP later raised this as an objection in one of its letters to CASA relating to CASA investigator Geoff McLaws’ report (see later.)
sits with this.........

CASA v Caper P/L
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