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FR-A, you're not gonna be buzzing around the patch to get 1500 hours. If you do, you're probably gonna have pretty tough time passing the interview or initial training.

During those 1500 hours, you are given a chance to season, to make mistakes and scare yourself - and learn from them (called experience).

I landed my first regional airline job with over 1500 hours total time and it was to a turboprop. But prior to that, I flew skydivers, then air tours, then boxes in a larger single engine and then piston twin in all kinds of crappy weather... and then I landed in the right seat of a regional airliner.

At bare CPL, one is just dangerous enough because you know something, but you don't even realize how far behind the power curve you are because you have no depth and no real world knowledge.

Imagine your line training captain on your first flight having a stroke or heart attack or otherwise gets incapacitated... and you have 160 pax in the back, 4 cabin crew, the weather is hovering at minimums, carrying a typical minimum fuel, you have to make a decision and they're all looking at you...

... and here you are, brand new CPL with a fresh type rating, never really flew in crappy weather outside the simulator, never dealt with ATC at this level.. really, at 200 hours, what do you really know?

My point is... give new pilot time to season. You'll be doing them as well as their passengers a favor.
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