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Some of the Boeing management decisions on the KC-46 absolutely boggle the mind . They basically took the development tools and managers from the 787 and turned them loose on the 767 - with similar results
These 787 transplants totally ignored that fact that we'd been building 767s for 30 years and decided we needed to scrap everything and start over with the same development tools that had proved so bad on the 787.
The systems interface database - that had successfully built 1000 airplanes - was dumped, and we had to input everything into a POS 787 tool, totally ignoring the engineering objections that we had something that worked, and that the 787 tool didn't work. I put 1000 hours into my work statement just for that task, and I underestimated by at least a factor of 2. Worse, many of the current wiring problems trace directly to that interface tool

The worst part is, we are carrying over many of those same mistakes to the 777X
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