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The global economy is bad, but nowhere near bad enough to reduce salaries in LCCs to 1/3 of where they should be, to justify sending folk to bases at the other end of a continent when slots are available in or near where people ant to be, to be scaling back on already thin engineering, to be skimping on basic training, to be operating P2F schemes and operating with intimidating cultures. So, if you say you are happy in such companies, then yes, you are naive or weak.

As for insulting Aussies, I flew with some really great lads from Oz, but a fair few of them were incredibly arrogant, banging on again and again about the South China Seas and openly stating that only Aussie licences were worth the paper they're printed on. A lot of them had a very big chip on their shoulder about the 80's strikes and British pilots in particular, even towards those who started flying in the late 90s and early 2000s, and it was three Aussies who sold out all the FOs in Ezy a few years back. So, are all Aussies bad? Of course not. But some of them, just like any nationality or group, are due criticism, given how keen they are to slag others. I agree you can't judge a person by their nationality, and that slagging a whole country is not right, but Bok was right in everything he said.

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