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Exclamation HOAX ?? Plane crash Sunshine Coast 3 lost ?

Listening to live ATC tonight from Europe and there was a terrible loss of a plane with 3 POB.

Really strange calls from the pilot sounded like super drunk or stressed slow, slow calls, really labored voice.

Structural damage to plane from 'hitting a foreign object' VH-TLV call sign.

ATC did a good job under real stress. You can download the audio from the internet, its just terrible...

Pilot trying to talk himself up, 4,000 hours local area, former military pilot etc.. He goes into absolute overload, cant work out simple tasks or calculations as stress shuts him down.

Ask ATC to tell his wife he loves them etc...

Fire warning, hydraulic loss, dutch rolling, sets off fire extinguishers, cant see panel through smoke, then calls 900 feet, opens windows, all quiet, crying, cant see, cant see, all quiet again.... Calls "were gone" about 6 times, then its all over.

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