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Hello everyone First time on here

I have a assessment on the 12th November in Dublin, would someone who has recently attended the Dublin assessment be kind enough to forward me the Ryanair briefing pack ? They will not send it to you until Friday/Saturday before the assessment day.A friend has kindly given me his, he has been with Ryanair a few years and its dated 29/09/2009 and it would be nice to get a updated version to get ahead of the game.

I was looking at the interview preparation online 2 companies seem to offer it, latest pilot jobs and flight deck friend any feedback on which is the best to purchase would be awesome !!

Another BIG ask can the guys/girls who have attended the Dublin assessment in the past couple of months be kind enough to give some feedback on the Tech questions asked.

Had my Telephone interview today, very relaxed asked me for the expire dates of my medical (any restrictions on it)& ME/IR , have I completed MCC, do I have my licence and what is it JAR/EASA, Did I pass all my exams first time and what was my average, did I pass my CPL&IR first time, my TT, date of last flight and date of last sim session. After that the lady read a paragraph to me twice and asked me 3 questions about it can't remember exact words but it was about a fire (un-contained) on board a a/c and how deadly the smoke/fumes are. The questions were 1,was the fire contained or un-contained 2,what is the most dangerous thing about the fire 3, what would cause the most harm to people. please be aware this is not the exact wording.

If someone is kind enough to forward a briefing pack please message me on he for private email.

Male 32 English
1900hrs TT mostly SEP
First Time passes in ATPL Exams 92% Average
First Times Passes in CPL/IR
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