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Hi everyone,
Many thanks for the comments, although I have been out of Aviation for 6 years I have kept an eye on the industry and am aware that it has changed and not for the better. Having tried to get alternative employment in many different industries in the past few years I can assure you all that degradation in T and C's is not just confined to Aviation. In fact I am shocked at the huge rise in minimum wage/casual and zero hour/ temporary contracts. I have also done some pretty jobs for large public companies that have had total disrespect for people. This is why I am starting to miss flying because it must surely be better than what I am doing at the moment.
However my concern is the fact I am 51 and not flown for 6 years. Although I am confident I have the skills and experience to get back to where I was it could take a little longer and would require an understanding and patient employer. I don't think I would find such an employer nowadays and so I think it would be best to forget the Airlines and maybe concentrate on GA or corporate.
I think maybe I will renew my Instrument rating before the 7 year limit and then explore different forms of flying away from the Airlines.
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