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I remember they asked the following questions :
tell us about urself
tell us about the degree u've been doing
what do you like to do in ur spare time
given a choice, which aircraft do u want to fly upon graduation
why should we hire you
why do you want to fly
why did you fail last time
what preparation have u made since u failed last time
what if we don't select u this time
what aircraft are we fading out
who's our director of flight operation
who's our ceo/coo
how long is the flight from hk to new york
why fly the polar route
what are the destinations we have in north america
what do second officers do
how do they develop skill and exp with no actual flying opportunities
what difficulties do you think u will face when u are a second officer
what are some of the bad things that you've heard about cx
what aircraft do we have
why do we buy a350
how can a350 save us operation cost
do you have any questions?
have you applied for dragonair?

Odd that they didn't ask me anything about the history of CX. And I thought the interview would be held by one hr lady and one pilot, just like the way it used to be. I did spend tons of time reading books regarding technical knowledge but sadly no one was there to ask me anything.
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