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The Oh-durh of corruption.

CP –"I’m hoping against hope that the new DAS is Jonathan Aleck. He deserves the job."
Strainer - "The gentleman from the FAA was evidently of the opinion that 'Things were in too much of a mess and would be very difficult to fix' and then promptly withdrew his name from the selection process."
I rather think that CP is seeking to return the poison chalice to it's original and rightful owner; this is as it should be.

CP – "[Not] by getting blood or gore on his own hands, mind you, but by influencing others when necessary; whispering in vulnerable ears when necessary; neglecting messes that will rebound on enemies when necessary; saving the day when favours need to be banked; feigning passionate commitment to the policies of the passing parade of patsies who think they are in charge; maintaining networks with the people in control."
Just about puts the whole imbroglio in a nut shell; for my two bob's worth.

DB – "We should all chip in to get Mike Smith back here and have a bloodless coup of the Executive of CASA."
The solution : equally clear – an administrator for 'corporate', a Mike Smith (or look-alike) for everything not major 'airline' and a part time overseer of the 'heavies'. Mind you; for another two bob's worth, (IMO) Mike Smith could do the whole lot with a competent manager, standing on his head, bare arsed, in the rain with a 25 gusting 30 crosswind – without spilling his beer.

After the dismal, lacklustre performance of "team CASA" last evening – perhaps it's time for at least a performer who can deliver his lines without a prompt sheet and does not look like the devil incarnate; a couple with an intellect slightly above that of well trained toilet seat and; just to keep things – on track – a couple of minions who don't act, look and sound like they couldn't lay straight in bed (or pass their exams).

Steam? -almost.
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