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Yup I agree with Leftie, I can assure everyone there is nothing, no question at all about his sexuality.

All you other buggers are completely wrong!!

CAsA is the most wonderful organization god ever put breath into.

Mr McComic, that paragon of virtue, probity and profanity, is next in line for canonization (sorry Frank I had the Pope pre-booked)

Impeccably honest and expert, these very hard working folk are focused on their task of protecting the poor orphan children of Australia, by keeping as many aircraft and those reckless pilots on the ground as is humanly possible.

They are doing a sterling job, just look how much they have been able to beat down aviation here, the Kiwis on the other hand haven't a clue. For goodness sake their industry is growing!!!!, God forbid!! its now almost equal to their biggest money earner.

They should immediately accept they have failed to stamp out aviation and adopt Australian world class industry destroying regulations before it's too late and they are invaded by aviation Junkies from Australia.

I commend Leftie for his unflinching support of the governments Aviation minimization policy.

These tireless CAsA workers, not satisfied with their aviation suppression duties, have been actively supporting your honest hard working property developers maximize the benefits they pay to McBank.

They must ensure as much money as possible is kept out of the hands of those greedy politicians here and is funneled out of Australia to support those poor orphans in the third world.

Its amazing how many McBank directors are third world orphans, poor little things, but thanks to Australia are no longer poor.

Creamie, calm down mate, we knew you had a tongue firmly planted in cheek, "Anastasi for POPE"...sorry DAS!!

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