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Dick Smith
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CASA Chief Executive

Nothing appears to be happening in relation to a CASA Chief Executive. How long can it take?

I would imagine the Department is again pushing for an ex-RAAF / ex-airline pilot with no real GA business experience as the last three have been. This basically ensures no change at all - how sad for our industry.

Surely you would think there are people out there who have a vision of change and would be able to head CASA and introduce the changes to remove every unnecessary cost so our industry can boom again.

I suggested to the Minister that he have an independent selection panel for the CEO. I even gave the Minister some names of people in the industry (no, not including myself), however these suggestions have not been taken up.

As I see it, if we get a clone of the last three selected, we will know that we are doomed for another five years of stagnation and failure.

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