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Just to add my few pence worth to this thread.

Like probably many others (I use that phrase loosely) - I have an undergraduate and postgraduate degree behind me. Whilst a student I pretty much couldn't afford anything, let alone afford to learn to fly "off my own back".

Did it help me?!

Well apart from being seen as "educated" which in my culture is seen as being negatively portrayed if you do not have a degree but there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that those without a degree are not successful and in fact a few people I know have gone on to become millionaires through luck and grafting having the balls to shun both college and university.

University will give you opportunities to experience a life which is set around people of similar mindset's to you. As already pointed out getting involved in extra curricular activities such as the annual trek to Nepal, raising money for the charity during the annual "RAG" week or even joining an "Air Squadron" and having some fun at the same time! Meeting people and opening your mind to new experiences and making friends along the way.

What it did do for me though.. is allow me to target openings to firm's that allowed me to skill up in technology and cut loose as a Contractor which has pretty much allowed me to travel and see the world.. and paid for the first stage of my license!

Throughout university I worked as a Bus Driver with a PSV License.. whilst friends flipped burgers in McDonalds or did other jobs.. I loved the feel of being out driving around as a 20 year old and iit paid for "tuition" and I got comfortable.

Even now I could walk into a PSV Operation and work part time if I needed.. The license like flying will be there for life (subject to Medical).

Use university as a "stepping stone" to a different chapter.. but the comments about it not allowing you to fly internationally or fly at all for that matter are nonsense!
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