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Posting at 0348 WBF?

That must be you off on another four sector early report I guess? Doesn't that get to be a bit of a grind after a while? How will you feel if you make it to forty years?????

Which strips of tarmac have you visited today?

Easy have good standards. (But then most UK airlines have to.) That doesn't change the fact that, because of the work, it's largely a 'stepping stone' airline. Which is why I don't blame Easy for not wishing to invest in people who will run off to better prospects as soon as they can.

A quick question if I may. What is the retention rate at Easy, because I know for a fact we see large numbers applying to BA? (Including some who felt compelled to declare themselves bankrupt rather than attempt to payback any training loan!) I assume a fair number go to the big carriers abroad too? Plus Virgin etc?
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