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Integrated on my CV for what its worth
Pretty much nothing and I completed Modular in 13 months.

its a bit strange because all my life I have taken jobs to fill in between jobs never had a problem with being degree qualified etc.

I have a C+E lorry license which always allowed me to pick up work as and when required. I suspect even after 14 years not going near them I could phone up a couple of the operators in Aberdeen and start work tomorrow. Although I believe you have to do some theory training these days you can't just jump in a 45 tonner after not driving one for a couple of years and head off like you used to (no bad thing in my opinion)

I am sure Grant in Driver Hire Aberdeen would have me out on the streets the next day as well.

Degree qualified mates work in fields every year inspecting crops.

2 of them used to dig graves.

most shy away from the dirty jobs in life, me I love them, they usually pay very well and nobody cares about you apart from you turn up everyday on time and you will put in over time if required.

I am a firm believer in generating your own luck. If you have a hunger and you want to do something and put some effort in luck happens. Same with looking for work. Don't mind swinging a sledge hammer and bending you back shovelling shite you will get work. You might only do it for a few weeks when something else turns up because you have been seen to shovel shite with a smile. Well that's the way it seems to have worked for me through my life.
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