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We know there is no stopping it. No matter how many people try the if everyone stuck together scenario, there will always be the rouges. With CAA and CTC marketing skills the rot will never stop. Anyhow it doesn't differ to much to people going to a third rate UK university paying 9k a year to get some airy fairy degree. Yes it's a third of the cost but perhaps you could say there's more chance of they will end up will les reward for their capital.

My worry is will these new cadets have jobs for the whole of their 40 year career. (Maybe a bit of thread drift) but how likely is it within the next 40 years UAV commercial jets will be common. If not UAV's certainly single pilot flight decks even if remotely monitored. We talk of airline overcapacity, I predict in years to come there will be world wide pilot over capacity. We need to face the fact we're going the way of the car plant workers.
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