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Forget "fall back on". That's a poor phrase.
Instead think of it this way.
Companies like people with "real world" knowledge and experience, not "kids" just out of high school (secondary school) with a "few" hours of flying experience.
So, having a degree will be an advantage in the job search.
But you may also find that you like doing that rather than flying.
And, with the job market the way it is, you might be more likely to find a job you like doing something related to your degree than a flying job that pays any where near the same amount.
In the case where you get a job that's not flying, you'll be able to fly on the weekends and truly enjoy the flying.
If you get a job that is flying, then you'll be more likely to get a "good paying" job with a degree than without one.
Instead of "fall back" think of it giving you options.
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