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and I don't mean what slips out after a bowl of chilli, or whatever equivalent in NK is.
That would be Kimchi, just like in South Korea. When they have the ingredients for it that is, which is very problematic at times.

Full North Korean meals typically include a side dish, or banchan. Most banchan are characterized by their tangy, salty or spicy flavor and are often fermented to add taste. Kimchi is generally composed of cabbage or cucumbers soaked in a ginger, garlic and chile brine and often flavored with bean paste. Traditionally, North Koreans made kimchi to last the entire winter, storing the brined vegetables in jars, but that practice has decreased due to modern refrigeration as well as the country’s food shortages in the early 2000s*.

* A rather obscure way of saying that millions of North Koreans starved to death.
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