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Do you have a minute or two?

I would like to tell you about the Flying Spaghetti Monster .... No? Well, it's a bit of a joke religion anyway, pastafarianism, but at least most of its believers get the joke.

John, I don't think you should draw a parallel between conventional religious belief and forced belief in this sort of foggy pseudo-divinity enjoyed by the various Kims who have ruled North Korea. You may think blind belief in Kim Jong Un to be valid, just going by your comments here, but that's definitely a minority point of view. Not to say that you are definitely wrong to think as you say you do, just that it seems likely that you are, particularly going by your track record here so far. At best, you have retreated from error to blind ignorance, which is progress of a sort.

Knowing and understanding history, not just parroting North Korean propaganda, doesn't seem to be your strong point, John, but you might want to try, at least, to understand how a Stalinist "cult of personality" works, to see the difference in functional terms between just another one of those, with Kim Jong Un as its central figure, and a religion.

This news release you cite seems to document a feeble try at squeezing a bit more cash out of the USA, "Pay us or see the remains of someof your war dead go lost due to lack of action on our part, which we shall blame you for." They had dug up the remains, but then they had reburied them, so that now they are going to lose them? What is that about?

I wonder if we could get John's little friend hooked on Vermont cheddar cheese, to get some leverage on him that way? It's pretty powerful stuff; it doesn't take eating much of it before you are hooked, and an overdose might well kill someone of a weak constitution; it' nothing like Emmenthaler.

We could carve a few blocks of Vermont cheddar into the shape of a wheel of Emmenthaler, fake up some wrapping featuring little crossbows and some white plus signs on red fields, and then plant them in some shopping district on the Chinese-Korean border for Kim's designated shoppers to find and bring back to the palace. Yes, that might work ....
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