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Now John, don't clam up on us. We await some more insights from you about what your tiny reformist idol must be up to. Your insights are based on "God knows what exactly," true, but in a time of need, an insight is still an insight, and you are one of the most insightful people I have come across in a long while, remarkably so in fact.

So far, according to you, we have a rather dependable little nation, moving forward at a rapid pace with the help of foreign experts such as your good self, led by a possible reformer who has his people's best interests at heart.

So, what's your insight here, John?

Did Li'l Kim collapse under the strain of his workload, such a young man leading such a major country?

Did someone slip him a "mickey" at the Mongolian Bar?

Was it the insane sexual demands of that hot young babe he's married to that did him in, so that he's now crippled from injuries sustained toppling out of bed?

Was it insomnia, caused by sitting up late at night pondering "Who did start the Korean War? It couldn't have been Grand-Dad, so who was it?"

Did the devious plotters of the Great Satan (the USA) finally get to him?

Come on, John! Tell us what's going on; you know that you want to do that!
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