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I would think that right about now, there's a great deal of uneasiness in high circles of power around the world - about a nuclear-armed rogue country that has been governed since 1953, on the basis of the total and unthinking national worship of a line of family dictators - suddenly appearing to be totally rudderless, with the total disappearance of the current dictator.

Such instability of leadership has never been seen in this nation since the end of the Korean War, and I'll wager this is causing some major heartburn in the higher levels of the intelligence agencies - both East and West - as they try to figure out what exactly IS going on, in this nation of oriental mystery and brutality.

I'm wondering how long it will be, before ordinary North Koreans start to query where the "Dear Leader" has gone - and how long it will be, before they can worship him again.

I mean to say, it's not like the "backroom operatives" can suddenly produce a stuffed version of the Great Leader, with someone operating his arms with sticks from below the table level - or would they??
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