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Talking Really??

There really is so much drivel written on here about BA, most of which seems to come from people who aren't even in BA! I'm a junior SH commuter and life is nowhere near as bad as what's been spouted on this forum.

The 10-12 year wait for LH is utter BS. I did my own sums from last year's bid and also had a detailed response from the P&P guys and it's the standard 5 year wait as has already been mentioned. There are 750 internal transfers planned in the next 12 months alone!

I've been at the bottom for the last few years and my rosters (triplines and blindlines) have always been blocked work. One huge, unique advantage of life in BA is the ability to chop and change your roster through eMaestro to suit your needs.

I have done a couple of consecutive months of only one weekend off, then I've had a couple of months with almost every weekend off! The last 12 months have been harder work due to the manning level ballsup but our CAP in nov is down to the 70's. I didn't come close to the 800 hour mark last year, it was less than 700!

BA isn't what it was. It will probably deteriorate. There are elements of the Ezy/loco job that I'd love to have but you can't have it all (?). I would, however, still recommend BA. Network size, control of roster, fleet switching, variety, security and decent pay (with the allowances tax calculation and increments my take home is more than I thought it'd be and continues to go up).

I am posting this to add a little balance to the continual negative slant on life in BA. It really isn't that bad.😄
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